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In Memoriam: A tribute to Grandma and Grandpa Resline

During my first year of college, I have unfortunately suffered the losses of both my Grandma and Grandpa. Being away from home during this time has been difficult because these losses didn’t really hit me until I returned home for the funerals and realized I would never see them in life again.

As with many struggles, I have processed my feelings through writing. Whenever I feel particularly strong emotions, like sadness or grief, I just write it down and let it out. It helps me cope and feel a little bit better.

I know my grandparents are proud of all that I have accomplished so far in college. They knew about my dream to become a writer and I know they believed in me.

I honored my grandparents in the best way I know how: with poetry. Through words, their memory will live on and I can look back on our time together with love and fondness.


To the Place Where the Sun Always Shines

For Grandma


“You are my sunshine.”

Simple words sung

as you pushed me on the swings

at your house.

It was our song

Playing card games in the winter,

solving puzzles in the summer.

Lunch at Roma’s on days

off from school.

Blueberry picking in the fields,

planting Tiger Lilies in your yard,

watching hummingbirds from your porch,

laughing to Tom and Jerry in your house.

I got older and less time

was spent at your house.

Breakfast at Lion’s Pride was

far in between.

Still I was your pride.

You came to all of my concerts,

hours early in fact,

and always told me how proud

you were of me.

Summer before college came too quick.

You stopped by every day

the week before I left.

I thought it was weird.

I didn’t know then.

If I had known maybe

I would have called more,

talked longer.

But I thought it would be temporary.

A month is such a short time,

and guilt is so long-lasting.

I told you I loved you those last few days,

but did you really know?

I never knew those last weeks

of summer would be the end.

Before I must look for you

in pictures and memories.

I will make you proud.

You will see from your place

where the sun always shines.

And I remember our song,

“You are my sunshine.”


Return to the Place Where the Sun Always Shines

For Grandpa


Many memories are the same

Tom and Jerry

Blueberry picking

“You are my sunshine” on the swing

But we also had Boston Cream Pie

among other sweets and future cavities.

Car rides just the two

of us now.

I loved the cuckoo clock that hung

proudly, waited for its hourly chime.

You asked me if I wanted to keep it,

I said yes.

For me these four months

were a blink of an eye.

But for you, I bet

it was an eternity too long.

You said you were ready.

I wasn’t but still

I know

You are happier now.

We would wait in your truck

for the school bus to come.

You would tell me stories

about your old friends.

And about my dad when

he was a kid.

Those were the funniest.

I could never believe it.

You would pick me up at the end

of the driveway, as rain fell around.

I could have walked, just been wet,

but you said I would melt like sugar.

You two were peas of the same pod,

so it only makes sense

that you couldn’t wait for the place

where the sun always shines.

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Mar 14, 2022

Love it Kait, you are really talented and this is amazing work!

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